Meals on Wheels Takoma Park/Silver Spring


When we deliver meals, we also deliver peace of mind. Our service provides dignity and the ability to live in their own homes to neighbors who have difficulty getting groceries or preparing their own meals. We’re making our vision of a more resilient, interconnected, and compassionate community a reality! Our clients represent a wide range of income levels, and are found in every type of neighborhood, including many immigrant communities. The people we serve include elders, individuals living with disabilities, those undergoing treatment for cancer, immunocompromised individuals, and those recovering from surgery or illness. In 2020, we also served several families experiencing COVID-19. Year after year, our clients say great things about us: in our 2021 survey, 100% said that they’d refer us to their own friends and family. Some 89% are able to live longer in their own homes as a result of receiving our deliveries; 93% find high value in the social interaction with volunteers; 96% reported that our deliveries help them eat more healthfully; and 98% found that our deliveries help them eat as recommended by their doctor. We also support entire families by liaising between clients, family, and emergency care providers.

Every Monday through Friday, we deliver two healthy, delicious meals mid-day. One meal is served hot off the stove and consists of an entree and two sides; the other is a cold bagged lunch of a sandwich, two sides, juice, milk, and bread with butter. Our meals are low-salt and diabetic friendly and we accommodate a range of food allergies. We are a small community nonprofit, not a government agency, and in addition to other fundraising, we rely on contributions from clients to help us pay for purchasing food and paying staff. Our clients come from all walks of life and are at all income levels. We ask clients to contribute $10/delivery (that’s $5/meal; less than half of our cost); we can also discuss contributions on a sliding scale in special circumstances.

We serve anyone who has difficulty getting out of their home to get groceries or difficulty preparing meals when they do have groceries. Our clients represent all ages and income levels, in every neighborhood and community within our service area. Service can be short-term, such as when recovering or in treatment, or ongoing for years, as long as you need us.

Are you interested in receiving meals? It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Is the delivery address in our service area? We serve clients in Takoma Park, Silver Spring, Adelphi, Langley Park, and Chillum who live inside the beltway (south of 495). We do NOT serve outside the beltway. If you live outside our service area (the orange zone in the map), find your closest program here. We serve all of zip codes 20912 and 20997. We serve a PORTION of zip codes 20910, 20901, 20903, 20783, and 20782. To get the fastest service possible, please make sure you are in our service are before you submit your request. IF YOU’RE NOT SURE, call us at 301-434-1922 or CLICK HERE. You can see our service area map at

2. Do you or does your loved one have difficulty cooking, difficulty going out of the house to get groceries, or both? We serve all ages and all income levels, and we can serve short-term or ongoing.

3. If you answered YES to BOTH questions above, complete the form below. Staff will call you back to get your information and your meals started. We’d love to be able to serve everyone — but we cannot serve outside our service area. If your delivery address is outside of the orange zone in the map above, save time and click here to find your program.

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